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bandavej® is the ideal base layer for runners, hikers, skiers, cyclists, fishermen and golfers. bandavej® is designed for people who love the mountains, the rivers or the sea and it works in both Winter and Summer. Simply stated, bandavej® base layer was created for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors
Welcome to bandavej®'s world
Sweat is the unit of measurement of our passion for sport. Why let moisture on your skin compromise

a beautiful day of exercise or sport performance?
bandavej® base layer has been designed to guarantee comfort and performance. The layer in contact with your skin is made of a hypoallergenic and hydrophobic fiber which transports moisture away to the external superfine woolen layer. The woolen layer absorbs the moisture and lets it evaporate. The combined action of the two textile layers ensures that

no moisture remains in contact with your skin even after an intensive workout or strenuous activity. This means that bandavej® always remains dry inside and feels good. The space between the two textile layers naturally regulates the exchange of heat and keeps your skin from feeling cold. Professional athletes enjoy bandavej® base layer and regularly use it in training and in competition.

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