Bandavej di Vaglio Tessitore Filippo

technical sportswear

bandavej® products are a performance base layer designed for people who love sports and enjoy spending time outdoors.
bandavej® base layer eliminates moisture and create a microclimate between the body and the outside air. This microclimate enables a gradual exchange of heat between body and outside air.
bandavej® sportswear is a base layer made in Italy, produced entirely in the town of Biella.

bandavej® performance base layer is made of a special hybrid fabric formed by combining an internal layer of hypoallergenic and hydrophobic fiber with an external layer of superfine Merino wool.
This innovative dual layer fabric ensures superior thermal insulation and breathability compared to other sports fabrics. bandavej® base layer exhibits the comfort that only a warm, soft and natural fiber like fine Merino wool

can provide.
High level athletes who use bandavej® sportswear enjoy superior thermal insulation and dry skin even during intense exercise.
bandavej® is an official supplier of the FISI S.T.F. Scuola Tecnici Federali.
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