Bandavej di Vaglio Tessitore Filippo
technical sportswear

DISCOVER bandavej®

Q. What is bandavej®?
A. bandavej® is a line of base layer designed specifically for people who love outdoor activities.

Q. What features make bandavej®'s base layer unique and high performance?
A. Our secret is the unique structure of the double layer fabric patented by bandavej®. The layer in contact with the skin is made of a hypoallergenic, hydrophobic fiber which quickly transports the moisture to the external superfine woolen layer. The external layer absorbs moisture and lets it evaporate. The combined action of the two textile layers ensures that no moisture remains in contact with the skin, even after an intensive workout or strenuous activity. This means the inside of the garment always remains dry and feels good against the skin. The space between the two textile layers naturally regulates heat exchange and keeps the skin from feeling cold feeling.

Q. What makes the bandavej®'s sports base layer superior to other products currently on the market?
A. First, the superior quality of materials. bandavej uses superfine Merino wool (a natural fiber with superior insulating power) coupled with Polypropylene fiber (a fiber that is Hhydrophobic, Hypoallergenic and Antibacterial). Second, the innovative combination of these two textiles form a dual layer system that works together to create a superior product. Finally, the bandavej products are MADE IN BIELLA, Italy in a high quality manufacturing process. The attention given to every detail (seams, finishing, zips) ensures top level comfort and wearability.

Q. bandavej® users say that it is a particularly warm garment which eliminates moisture from the skin. Is this also true for people who sweat a lot and for people who engage in demanding sports such as mountain running?
A. bandavej® is ideal for all strenuous physical activities, especially when extreme temperature differences are encountered. bandavej® products maintain a microclimate between the body and the garment. The inner layer captures the moisture and quickly transfers it to the outer layer enabling the skin to breathe and keeping it dry.

D. What types and colors of garmets are offered in the bandavej® collection?
A. The bandavej® collection offers a complete line of both crew neck and zip neck base layer shirts. Long sleeve and short sleeve shirts, vests, jackets, leggings and boxers are available. bandavej® also offers socks, caps and head bands to complete the collection. Every item is available in black, white and blue. Base layer shirts are also available in dark green and “stone washed” red, light green, purple, grey blue, beige and grey.

Q. What activities were the bandavej® products designed for?
A. bandavej® products were designed for all outdoor sports and activities. bandavej® was created for runners, hikers, skiers, cyclists, golfers and fishermen. Anyone who loves the mountains, the sea or rivers will benefit from bandavej® both in Winter and in Summer.

Q. Do bandavej® garments need special care?
A. bandavej® garments are designed to be washed at a standard 86°F. They can be washed either by hand or in a regular washing machine. bandavej® must NOT be ironed.

Q. Where is bandavej® sport clothing produced?
A. The entire production process takes place with pride in Biella, an Italian city world famous for its high quality wool. bandavej® is 100% MADE IN ITALY.